You loved your orders, so you're back for more!  Looking for delivery bundles or want to order another single share?  

We got rid of bundles so that you (and us!) don't have to keep track of your credit anymore, and we made ordering single orders $3 cheaper for returning members because...well...WE LOVE YOU!  

Simply "Opt-In" just like normal, if your credit has run out we will send you an invoice.  From there you can save your card on file so that you don't have to worry about entering your information ever again!

We have discounted our pricing so that you don't have to buy deliveries in bundles anymore - all full share deliveries are $22 and half shares are $13, unless you have it delivered to your home, in which case it would be $25 or $16 ($3 home delivery per home).

Don't want to save your card on file? No worries, we will continue to invoice you per order!