Got some left over seafood?



Freeze any fish that you do not plan on eating within 4 days of delivery. 


1. If only freezing for a short period of time (not longer than 3 months) you can simply throw your delivery into the freezer as we delivered it to you - each share is wrapped in a double plastic wrap and freezer paper so it will keep fresh in the freezer. 


1. First give your fish a quick rinse and then pat dry thoroughly, this will give you a fresh product to work with when you thaw it. 

2. Wrap your fish - air is the greatest enemy to freezing fish - in order to prevent it from contacting the fish and diminishing its quality you must either wrap it very tightly, glaze it, or vacuum seal it. 

3. If you have a vacuum sealer - put fish in vacuum sealer approved bag and then place flat in the freezer to freeze fish. Once fish has frozen (usually 24 hours) pull out and seal bag with vacuum sealer. 

4. If you do not have a vacuum sealer can glaze the fish by dipping them in cold water and putting them on a sheet pan in the freezer. Let that water freeze, then repeat the process several more times to get a 1/4 inch thick ice glaze on the fish. You can then put your glazed fish into a plastic bag for storage.

5. Please keep in mind If you just put the fish in a plastic bag in the freezer it will develop freezer burn and diminish in quality within a few days. 




Many people don't realize how easy fish is to cook when still frozen! 

Simply brush the outside of fillets with your favorite oil - we love olive oil and avocado oil, and coconut oil for their health benefits - and place skin side up and cook 3 - 4 minutes, uncovered, on a heavy pan over med-high heat. Turn the fish over so the skin is down on the pan, season with your favorite spices, cover, and cook for another 6-8 minutes until cooked through (test with a fork). For very thick fillets you can finish in the oven at 400F. 

You can do this with many other cooking techniques as well - just add a few minutes if you are cooking from frozen. 


Prefer to thaw your fish before you cook it? Try these helpful tips!

Never microwave to thaw - this is the least food safe and most likely method to ruin quality. 

Instead place fillets or whole fish in plastic bag inside a bowl or pan and place in a sink under a faucet slowly dribbling cold water over the top of it. The agitation of the water will make your fillets thaw very quickly (usually 30-45 minutes or less). 

Alternatively move your fish in a plastic bag into your refrigerator and let it slowly thaw over the course of 24-48 hours - this method may be slow but it is the safest method.