This video will help explain how to crack your crab claws - these aren't pacific rock crabs in the video, but they are close enough!  We linked it to start midway through so you don't have to learn about getting the body meat.

Lolipop Claws and Cracking your Rock Crab



1 lbs of Rock Crab Arms

Seafood cracker (Nut cracker, or a mallet will work as well)

A cocktail fork (small fork for picking meat)

Two bowls


  • Refer to the video at the top of the pageif you have a hard time with this step
  1. Separate the claw from the rest of the arm
  2. One at a time, put the arm sections on a cutting board use the nut cracker to break the shells open.  Be sure to be gently, if you squeeze too hard you will end up with a lot of shell in your meat!  If you are using a mallet, then cover the arm section with a towel and proceed to use a mallet to gently break the shell.
  3. Set the shells aside in one bowl, and the meat in the other bowl.
  4. Repeat step two with the claw sections being careful to gently remove the shell around the claw, leaving a small portion of claw on the meatless tip to use as a cocktail “lollipop” claw.
  5. If you would rather use the claw meat for a salad or crab cake, then take your cocktail fork and “shred” the meat off the claw section being sure to avoid the membrane in the middle of the claw.


2/5 - Easy

Prep Time:

20 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes