A debate recently arose amongst the food community asking what’s the most quintessential meal to represent San Francisco?


Almost unanimously the people cried crab! Our iconic San Francisco steamed Dungeness crab landed right on Fisherman’s Wharf by our local fleet.


Dungeness crab, has been an important part of people’s diet in the Bay Area since the beginning of our history here. It began with the native Ohlone people who crabbed with traps and spears for sustenance. It quickly expanded in the 1800’s when an influx of Italian immigrants in the Bay Area began the commercial fishing industry for crab just before the Gold Rush began. When gold was discovered, even more people flocked to the area and the construction of Fisherman’s Wharf began to take hold as the commercial fishing industry took off. Today, San Francisco is famous world-wide for our Dungeness crabs that are steamed on Pier 45 - just feet from where they are landed!

As a matter of fact, we love our Dungeness so much here in the Bay Area that we plan many of our holidays and large social gatherings around it.  While the first crab feast mentioned on record in the Bay Area was in 1871 by the Twelfth Ward Democratic Club, it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the term “crab feed” began being used. Crab feeds started as a way to feed a large group of people, often large social clubs or sporting groups. In the 1960’s youth groups and churches began to use them as a form of fund-raising – a tradition that is still going strong!  What we love most about crab feeds is that it is our favorite way to gather friends and family together and celebrate life and all the good things that come with it – like beer, butter, and crab!

At FreshCatch we like to celebrate Dungeness season in the most traditional way possible – by throwing an epic crab feed with fresh live crab straight from our partner boats!


We hope you will join us this Friday January 25th at our Second Annual Crab Feed at Temescal Brewing in Oakland from 4pm – 9pm. The event is open to all ages – on-leash well behaved pets are welcome – tickets are available on Eventbrite & through our website – tickets are recommended but not required to attend the event – extra crab and sides will be available for everyone including walk-ins!