Fishing Update

Delicious Manila Clams & Mediterranean Mussels this week! 

Live in SF?
We've got a new TWO new hubpoint pickup locations just for you!
Plus a new one in Berkeley this week! 

Please send us an email if you wanted something and it has sold out before you get the opportunity to purchase it - we set aside extra shares just for you each week! 

Online Market is now live! 

Lots of rain this week so we will be sourcing shellfish from some of our favorite shellfish farms!

We've got the perfect recipes to warm you up like our creamy clam chowder or some buttery mussels and clams with garlic noodles and some crusty fresh bread. 

Fishing Update

A delicious clam & mussel recipe created from one of our past orders by @nerb

Common Name: Mediterranean Mussels & Manila Clams
Family: Mytilidae & Veneridae (respectively) 

Species Name: Mytilus galloprovincialis & Venerupis philippinarum
Catch Method: Farmed
Our Partner Catch Locations(s): Shelton, Washington
Species Catch Range: Pacific - along the West Coast up to the Bering Sea
Seafood Watch Rating: "Best Choice"

Share Size:

Single Orders ($22) will include 3 - 3.5lbs of EITHER Mediterranean Mussels or Manila Clams 

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders ($13) will include 1.5 - 1.75lbs of EITHER Mediterranean Mussels or Manila Clams
The Details:
This week we are delivering fresh Mediterranean Mussels (grown in Washington) and Manila Clams (grown in Washington) to our customers! These shellfish are being harvested and flown in from their respective ocean grown facilities - meaning we aren't dredging our oceans and destroying habitats to get them but rather plucking them from ropes or other structures that we place them on to grown in a sheltered inlet. 

Why Washington this week?

No local clams available and the harvest schedule for cove mussels currently doesn't align with our delivery schedule, but hopefully that will change soon! 

 Not only are they sustainable but they are also delicious, nutritious, and easy to cook!  

We love these tastey morsels in soups and chowders, on french fries, pastas, smothered in butter on the BBQ, or served on top of pizza (that's right - pizza actually can get more delicious!)

I know many of you eat fish for it's health benefits - shellfish can also offer many of the same benefits in addition to others!  

Mussels and Clams are teeming with vitamin B12, selenium, and manganese (offering over 100% of the RDA for each of them!) are they are particularly high in vitamin B12, selenium, iron, and manganese. That makes them excellent for nerve and blood cell health, treating or preventing iron-deficiency anemia, protecting against cellular damage, forming connective tissue, supporting cellular health, DNA synthesis, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, connective tissue and bone health, and blood sugar regulation (just to name a few!) 

Our partners at Seafood Watch consider these farmed shellfish a "Best Choice" because they actually help filter our ocean water and keep it healthy for all of its inhabitants. 

Orders will be delivered WEDNESDAY (1/9) 

We have worked very hard over the past year to streamline our online ordering process so it is just as easy as opting in through our emails! 
Please click one of the buttons to go to our market and order your share this week! 
We appreciate all your support as we continue to improve and develop our program! 

Join us for our 2nd Annual Crab Feed! 
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Friday - January 25th -
 Temescal Brewing in Oakland


We are SO excited to reach the anniversary of our second year in business and we cannot wait to celebrate with you and our friends at Temescal Brewing!

Join us as we cook fresh -LIVE -
Dungeness Crabs from Half Moon Bay and Rock Crabs from Santa Cruz as well as delicious sides including Gilroy garlic noodles and bread, sesame soba noodle salad (gf), our famous SeaSlaw salad (gf), Old Bay fries, and beer battered onion rings.  Hand-crafted beers for all tastes will be available for purchase at the bar. Meet our fishermen, learn more about your local crab fisheries, and ring in 2019 with our favorite Bay Area tradition!

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This event is open to everyone of all ages - including well behaved dogs!

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