-Fishing Update-

Good Afternoon!
Apologies for the late update but we have been working VERY hard to find some fresh seafood for the past few days now. 

Unfortunately this weather means no seafood this week that fits our standards. 

We know this is disappointing - however our mission at FreshCatch is to only bring our customers the freshest local seafood available (harvested and delivered within 48 hrs). When this is not possible we refuse to compromise our commitment - even if that means not delivering some weeks. 

The secondary part of our mission is to be able to educate our customers on what safe, quality seafood should look like so they know what to look for even when they are not buying from us. 

We hope this week can be an educational one to help our supporters understand that sometimes the best fish on the menu is no fish at all. 

Why no fish? 

When we have torrential rain, hail, and thunderstorms our partner boats do not go out - and we would not want them to. We pay our boats fairly so they do not have to risk their livelihood to pay the bills when conditions are not on their side. If you do see fresh fish coming in right now it is coming off big trawling boats that do not focus on sustainability or quality of their product. This does not align with our mission or our promise to our customers and the partner boats we work with so we refuse to buy these fish. 

Why no shellfish?

I recently had someone come up to me and inform me they got very sick from some shellfish at a well regarded establishment and asked me how that can happen? 

While shellfish farms generally have very high standards when it comes to harvesting they do not have the flexibility to shut down their operation when the weather takes a turn - especially when it is a long period of time. 

During heavy rains we get a tremendous amount of run-off that flows into the estuaries where our shellfish are grown and can taint these filter feeders and cause illness in humans.

We never buy shellfish when the waters are murky and there is concern about contamination even when shellfish farms are still harvesting. 

We hope everyone can understand and support our choice not to deliver seafood this week. If you ever have any questions about this please feel free to email us at 

Please support us by sharing FreshCatch with your friends and family and by joining us at our first "On the Hook" Dinner happening March 28th at 25 Lusk - details below: 

On the Hook Dinner Series 
- Thursday March 28th -

"Fresh Water Flows and Salmon Populations"
25 Lusk SF

Come and join us for an unforgettable evening of delicious food with an exciting and elating conversation about our oceans!

These dinners are done in collaboration with our good friends at Alice Collective in Oakland as well as many chefs and restaurants that we work with - they will take place on the Fourth Thursday of each month and will be rotating locations as well as guest chefs, educational speakers and topics. 100% of the proceeds from each dinner will be donated back to a charity that promotes research and conservation in the area of topic discussed at each event.

Dinner #1

March 28th at 25 Lusk in San Francisco and will focus on "Fresh Water Flows and Salmon Populations"

Speakers will include commercial salmon fishermen, John McManus with Golden Gate Salmon Association, plus a researcher from EBMUD working with the salmon hatchery program . Proceeds from this dinner will be going to Golden Gate Salmon Association to help them further their work in protecting and restoring clean waterways so our local salmon can continue to spawn and recover.


Tickets & more information about each dinner will be posted on the On the Hook website here.