Fishing Update

Delicious Dungeness crab this week! 

Live in SF?
We've got a new TWO new hubpoint pickup locations just for you!
Plus a new one in Berkeley this week! 

Please send us an email if you wanted something and it has sold out before you get the opportunity to purchase it - we set aside extra shares just for you each week! 

Online Market is now live! 

Fish are still pretty scarce this week but we were lucky enough to get some more fresh Dungeness crabs from our partner boats for delivery this Wednesday! 

Good news is we really can never get enough warm buttery crab...

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Fishing Update

Common Name: Dungeness Crab

Species Name: Metacarcinus magister
Catch Method: Pots 
Our Partner Catch Locations(s): Half Moon Bay up to Bodega
Species Catch Range: Santa Barbara to Alaska
Seafood Watch Rating: "Good Alternative"

Share Size:

Full Share ($22) - 1 - 1.25  Cooked, cleaned and quartered Dungeness Crab
Half Share ($13) - 1 Half Cooked, cleaned, and quartered Dungeness Crab 

The Details:

There are few things we love and celebrate more than our Dungeness crab season here in the Bay Area! We pick up our Dungeness from small boats out of Half Moon Bay and Bodega Bay.  Our fishermen hand sort the crab and set aside the largest ones (2-3lbs+) just for us! The crabs will then be iced on the dock and whisked off to our warehouse where they will be cooked, cooled, and packed that morning to be delivered to homes across the Bay Area! 

Dungeness gets its common name from the port in Dungeness, Washington where the Dungeness crab fishery began in 1848 and is said to be the oldest known shellfish fishery of the North Pacific coast. However no one really appreciates Dungeness crab like we do here in the Bay Area - where we celebrate the start of the season with family and friends every November. Our nearly century long tradition of steaming the crab with a secret mix of salt and water within minutes of landing it on the docks giving it its famous sweet, briny, and from meat has made San Francisco Dungeness Crab a highly sought after product around the world. Our local Dungeness fishery brings in millions of tourist and locals together to feast on this delicacy each year!  

Our partners at Seafood Watch consider Dungeness Crab caught in California in net pots a "Good Alternative", while the stocks are in good health there is concern about the large fishing pressure put on them each year. Additionally there is concern about whale ensnarement in the ropes of the pots - although this is rare. Our fishermen operate on small boats and participate in fishing gear recovery programs and undergo training to help mitigate these risks to other species.