This Wednesday (5/31) we plan on offering beautiful little Northern Anchovies! Northern Anchovies swim in large schools that swirl around close to the surface of the ocean, mouths gaped wide open - hoping to catch some bits of algae, copepods, or decapod larvae which they feed on. They live short lives, usually around four years if they are lucky, and provide protein for a huge variety of species from birds, to salmon, to sharks, to us! Fresh out of the water anchovies smell like cucumbers, and they make a delicious treat grilled, marinated, or fried!

We buy our anchovies live off the boats of Pier 45 early that morning, we throw them in a nice icy slurry, drive them to our kitchen, package them, and then deliver them to you! Your fish will arrive whole, but the great news is that Anchovies are easy fish to clean and you get to learn some cool new techniques doing it if you didn't already know how! You'll be a pro in no time! We will send you a link to a video that demonstrates the process with your recipes when you opt-in! Or you can check out our Northern Anchovy page and learn a little more!