Boats will be going out today for delivery this THURSDAY. We'll have local hook & line rockfish as well as King Salmon!

We will have both fillets and whole fish available!

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Delivery THURSDAY (8/15)
Hook & Line Rockfish

We usually offer rockfish from our partners at the California Groundfish Collective that are caught using modified light touch trawl gear; while this fishing method results in catching a lot of specific species and sizes of fish, it also often yields fish that isn’t handled gently as our other hook and line offerings. We are super excited to be expanding our reach with partner fishing vessels and to have found a few boats in Eureka that we have begun working with and the quality of the fish is unmatched!

Hook and line rockfish is a true delight - we have been using it at our last few pop up dinners and people have been in love with it! A few people even convinced us to sell them some of the raw fish from our pop-up to cook at home the next day!

Be sure to check the sticker on your package to see exactly what species of rockfish you have since there are a few species available that our partner boats are targeting!

Hook and line rockfish are considered a “Best Choice” from our friends at Seafood Watch due to the fact that there is almost zero bycatch or incidental catch!

- Just a reminder -

Whole fish are $9/lbs
Full Share: $22 (1 lbs)
Half Share: $12 (.5 lbs)

*Please note pricing is a little higher for hook & line rockfish because there is so much more work involved getting the fish on the boat. This is something you will never find at the grocery store so if you are looking for something special give these fish a try! Whole fish are 2-4# and are perfect for frying, baking or grilling! 

Delivery Thursday August 15th!


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Delivery THURSDAY (8/15)

King Salmon

King Salmon are one of those fish that are hard to come by, but when they do, you can count on us selling out! This has proven to be one of the most popular fish that we offer. If you like tender, flaky, rich, buttery, and marbled seafood, then this fish is for you! Our salmon are all caught one at a time, hook and line, by small boats from Moss Landing to Ft. Bragg.

Our partners at Seafood Watch consider these fish a Good Alternative because the fishery is well managed, the fishing gear has little affect on the environment, there is no by-catch; however, there are risks for over fishing or catching endangered species of salmon. This isn't a concern for our partner boats, but it is a concern for Oregon and Washington based vessels.

Full shares of King Salmon will include at least 1 lbs of fresh skin-on salmon fillet plus four recipes!

Full shares too much seafood for you? Try a half share!

Half shares of King Salmon will include at least .5 lbs of fresh skin-on salmon fillet plus four recipes!

*Please keep in mind that there are small "pin" bones that are easily removed before or after cooking.

Just a reminder -

Whole fish are $16/lbs

Full Share: $28 (1 lbs)

Half Share: $14 (.5 lbs)
Heads w/ collars: $14 each (~1 lbs)

Tails: $20 (1 - 1.5lbs)

Bellies: $15 (~.5 lbs)

Frames are $5 each ~1-2 lbs (add on item ONLY)

Whole Sides: $25/lb (between 2.5-4lbs)
Delivery Thursday August 15th!

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