We've got beautiful hook & line King Salmon from Santa Cruz and Ca Halibut coming from one of our partner boats out of Alameda! 

 We will have both fillets, specialty cuts, and whole fish available! 

We encourage everyone to try ordering a whole salmon or halibut and practice eating tip to tail!

Salmon are smaller earlier in the season (8 - 12 lbs) and we sell our smaller halibut (3-5lbs) as roasters which makes them perfect to grill up whole or use this opportunity to hone in your fillet skills, impress a loved one, or give someone the best gift that they never knew they wanted! 

Whole fish are $18/lbs
Full Share: $28 (1 lbs)
Half Share: $15 (.5 lbs)
Heads w/ collars: $14 each (~1 lbs)
Tails: $20 each (1 - 1.5lbs) 
Bellies: $14 each (~.5 lbs)
Frames are $5 each ~1-2 lbs (add on item ONLY) 

Delivery Wednesday May 15th! 

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Thank you to Bruce Cole - editor of Edible SF for this beautiful picture of a dish he made with one fo our halibut tails! Head over to their website for this recipe! 

Common Name: CA Halibut
Species Name: Paralichthys californicus
Catch Method: Hook and Line
Our Partner Boat(s) Catch Location(s): Monterey to Alameda
Species Catch Range:  Baja California to the Quilayute River in Washington
Seafood Watch Rating: "Best Choice"

Share Size:

Full Share ($28)- 1 lbs skin-on, boneless fillet - (feeds 2 - 3 people) 
Half Share ($15)  - 0.5 - 0.75lbs skin-on, boneless fillet (feeds at least 1 person) 

Specialty Cuts:

Tail Section -
This is just the tail portion of the fish (as pictured above) we leave the skin on and the bones in which keeps all the juices and flavors in the meat as you cook it! Tail sections are between 1 - 1.5 lbs and are prefect for roasting in the oven or throwing on the grill with your favorite herbs and spices!

Tails are $20/ea and feed 2-3 people. 

Engawa - 

Engawa, or “hallway” in Japanese, is the fatty, delicate meat found around the upper edge of the halibut, below the dorsal.  It is prized for sushi because of its concentrated flavor and higher fat content.

 Halibut Engawa is delicious by itself, it also goes very well with fresh tasting condiments such as, grated radish with red chili pepper, sliced scallions and citrus soy sauce. We like to sear it a little and place it on top of some good sushi rice with some furikake! 

Shares of engawa are $14/ 0.25lbs - please keep in mind this is usually considered a sashimi cut so think of it as a garnish to a dish rather than a meal on its own. 

Whole fish -
When the catch is abundant we will offer small fish that we refer to as "Roasters."  These fish are usually between 3-5 lbs and are perfect to throw on the grill or to roast whole in the oven.  All whole fish come scaled and cleaned - meaning no scales, guts, or gills for you to deal with!

$40 deposit on roasters  - we will then bill you for the final weight and subtract your deposit from the total at $14/lb. (Most roasters this week are around 5 lbs) 

The Details:  

When people ask us what is the best fish to try for people who don't like fish, we always tell them, Halibut! It is loved by all for being the trifecta of mild-moist-and firm meat that is easy to cook with and even easier to devour! It's a versatile fish that's perfect for bold flavor profiles - we especially love ours in curry or roasted in the oven with veggies and spices!

Our local Halibut is actually a flounder - more closely related to a Fluke than a Pacific Halibut. That probably explains why most people (especially sushi chefs) prefer our local halibut over it's Alaskan counterpart. In sushi restaurants, it is highly regarded for its clean and fresh flavors and its buttery texture when served raw. All of our California Flounder (Halibut) are caught using traditional hook and line methods by small boats - usually no more than 2-3 people on board. Currently we work with a handful of small halibut boats from San Francisco, to Alameda, to Santa Cruz, and they all use the same fishing method. We meet with our partner boats late night Monday and throughout the day on Tuesday, and then we work early into the morning on Wednesday filleting and packaging your order for delivery.  Our partners at Seafood Watch consider these fish a Best Choice because the fishery is well managed, the fishing gear has little affect on the environment, and there is no by-catch.

Just a reminder - 

Whole fish are $14/lbs
Full Share: $28 (1 lbs)
Half Share: $15 (.5 lbs)
Tails: $20 each (1 - 1.5lbs) 
Engawa: $14 each (0.25 lbs)
Frames are $5 each ~1-2 lbs (add on item ONLY) 

Delivery Wednesday May 15th! 

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