For over a year Jessy and I have been hands on with every aspect of FreshCatch and loving every second of it - and we are starting to realize that you all love FreshCatch too!  As we have grown from a shared kitchen to a HACCP certified seafood processing facility we haven’t been able to slow down, find help, and focus on the bigger picture, so these past two weeks we have taken that time to focus on how we can grow FreshCatch. 

This week we are taking time to train our newest members of our ever-growing FreshCatch family on how to package orders and prepare coolers for delivery.  This is a huge step for us, but nothing will be changing for you - you will still be receiving the same ultra-fresh and sustainable seafood that you love!  We will still be overseeing the packaging until we put someone in charge of quality control - but baby steps, right?!

Some of our most common questions are about our pop-up events and when our next one’s are.  We love cooking and serving the same fish that we deliver to our members, but we realized that Jessy and I simply couldn’t handle weekly deliveries in addition to events.  Thankfully, an amazing opportunity presented itself!

We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the FreshCatch team -
Nico Hauwert. 

Nico will be managing our private events, catering, and pop-ups.  He brings years of culinary experience working under world renowned chef, Charlie Ayers at Google followed by his time working alongside Chef Shingo Katsura at Cin Cin’s in Los Gatos.  During his time at Cin Cin’s the kitchen team was able to elevate the menu enough to receive recognition from the SF Michelin Guide.  Not only is Nico an amazing chef, he is also a huge supported of FreshCatch and holds our mission and values close to his heart as his own.  

What does this mean for FreshCatch?

Expect exciting menus, collaborative pop-up’s with other chefs, and private dinners all focused on fresh, sustainable, and delicious seafood.

It also means that Jessy and I have more time to focus on partnering with new boats, hosting unforgettable events, and expanding our delicious offerings to farmers markets and eventually a brick and mortar storefront one day!

Thank you so much for supporting us and bringing us closer to our dream.  We are consistently inspired by the support you all give us, whether it’s through ordering seafood, sending an encouraging note, coming out and introducing yourself at our events, or simply opening and reading our e-mails.  We see all of you and appreciate it more than you know, and your support drives us to work harder and bring traceable and sustainable seafood to as many people as possible!

Have an amazing weekend, and we will see you next week!



Austin & Jessy

We posted a one year update about our website on Instagram @freshcatch - it's below incase you missed it

Wow... it is pretty hard to believe that just one year ago we decided to launch our current website. Our successes and milestones have been built around partnerships and relationships with individuals, families, and businesses that share our vision and mission.

Our growth is fueled by these great connections, but we don’t share much of the difficult times - starting a business isn’t something that happens over night and it sure doesn’t come easy. FreshCatch is our passion, so growing with the company has been the best time of our life. It has been encouraging and a little overwhelming at times. Our website is the perfect example of our ups and downs and refusal to give up. A little over a year ago we partnered with a company that promised to partner us with people that would create a flawless website with every amazing feature that we could dream of. We were partnered with a great team; however, the company made some internal changes and everything went downhill from there. The money we had saved up to rent our own warehouse and buy delivery vans was slowly dwindling away into a website that was going nowhere. The decision was finally made to end our relationship with that company and completely scratch the website that they had made, teach ourselves how to build a website, and do it ourselves. A little over a month of 16 hour days of nonstop how-to YouTube videos and countless pages of forums we had a solid draft of our current website. That website went live one year ago, and it’s the same website you see today. And we did it all, just the two of us, all while working two other jobs to support our passion. It’s difficult to share the hard times, but we have learned the most and found our truest friends at our darkest times. When you find those people, keep them close.

Cheers to the friends that share our passion and see the bigger picture, continuing to support sustainable seafood through collaboration, open dialogue, or purchasing seafood from us, any of our friends, or our partner boats.