Rainbow Trout - Red Abalone - Rock Crab - Fresh Wakame and Nori 

All Abalone and Trout orders need to be received by 10:00 P.M tonight to guarantee delivery Wednesday.  Seaweed and other items in our store are available until Tuesday at 10:00 P.M.

Poor fishing conditions have us turning to some of our favorite sustainable farmers this week! 

This weeks' "Catch of the Week" is beautiful farmed McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout from Susanville Ca, and Red Abalone from American Abalone Farms in Santa Cruz. 

Also available will be hand harvested Wakame* and Nori Seaweed - a perfect pairing as either a fresh salad, a crispy toping when fried or an exciting way to spice up a Bloody Mary!

*If the diving conditions do not cooperate for accessing the Wakame Forest, then we will be substitute it with Sweet Kelp. 

 In addition we have Cooked Rock Crab Claws from Santa Cruz for our "Seasonal Selection!"

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McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout

McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout are raised in Susanville, Ca where they use awesome and innovative techniques to raise beautiful, and extremely sustainable Rainbow Trout that are beloved by many of the top restaurants here in the Bay Area. 

Our Partners at Seafood Watch consider these fish a Best Choice!

Single Orders of Rainbow Trout will include between .8 and 1 lb of skin-on, pin-bone-in, fillets, plus four recipes! 

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of Rainbow Trout will around .5 lbs of skin-on, pin-bone-in, fillets, plus four recipes!

Want a whole fish? Just email us! (Whole fish are around 2-3lbs each)
$14.99/lb for whole fish

Check out our page on McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout here for more! 

Just a reminder - 
Single orders are always $22
Half orders are always $13
Home delivery is always $3

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Red Abalone

All abalone are shucked and tenderized to order so we have to put our order in by Tuesday morning at the latest. We ask that all orders be placed and paid for by Monday at midnight in order to receive your abalone order for this Wednesday. 

About American Abalone Farm:

Since the collapse & closure of the commercial abalone fishery in California during the 1990's (due to over-harvesting) abalone aquaculture has been the only responsible and sustainable way to commercially consume abalone. American Abalone Farms is a family run facility that has been growing California Red Abalone within the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary for over 25 years. Their facility is located on the beach in Davenport, California, and is open to the public on the weekends - we highly recommend you visit! They raise their abalone in an environment that mimics their natural home - seawater pumps continuously supply clean, fresh seawater to abalone tanks directly from the ocean only a few yards away and they are fed a 100% organic diet consisting of a variety of fresh local seaweeds that workers hand harvest themselves. With the help of abalone farms like this one we help reduce the strain we put on our natural populations so they can begin to rebuild and flourish. 

These Abalone are considered a Best Choice by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program and we will be offering them to members already shucked and packaged as whole steaks! 

Check out our page on Abalone here for more! 

Single orders will include 6 ~ 1oz tenderized Abalone steaks and four recipes
($22 - plus $3 for home delivery)


Just a reminder - 
Single orders are always $22
Home delivery is always $3

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Fresh California Wakame & Nori Seaweeds

We are excited to start offering some fresh hand harvested sea vegetables from a local diver out of Santa Cruz! 

This week we will be offering fresh wakame and nori seaweed!

Both are thinly ribboned sheets of fresh seaweed. 

Wakame is a bit thicker, succulent, slightly sweet, and briny. This bright-green seaweed is often added to salads, along with sesame oil and chile flakes. Try toasting this sea veggie—and add it to omelets or soups for extra brininess.

Nori - probably the best known seaweed is used in its dried forms to wrap sushi rolls, added to soups it adds a subtle umami flavor. It can also be made into seaweed kimchi, a fresh seaweed salad, cooked and eaten on its own or with other vegetable, and added to soups, and cocktails, nori is also excellent flash fried and has an almost bacon- like flavor! 

Both are packed full of nutrients and are excellent fresh or cooked!

Single Orders of Fresh Seaweed will include 0.5 of fresh seaweed plus four recipe suggestions! 

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of Fresh Seaweed will include around 0.25 lbs of fresh seaweed plus four recipe suggestions!

- Just a reminder - 
Single orders are always $22
Half orders are always $13
Home delivery is always $3

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New Seasonal Selections! 

Now that we have built a stronger relationship with our fishermen and women we are happy to announce that we will be offering a seasonal selection of seafood which will be offered consistently each Wednesday in addition to our rotating catch. 

This month we have our rock crab boat in Santa Cruz going out twice a week. This allows us to always pick up our catch on a Monday or Tuesday to be delivered Wednesday, guaranteeing a fresh selection every week for our members!

Cooked Rock Crab Claws with Arms

Fresh Rock Crabs from Santa Cruz are a Seasonal Selection available to members each week! Captain Jason goes out twice a week to catch them and hand picks out the best and biggest of the bunch for us to cook up for our members early Wednesday morning. Rock crabs are a delicious and sustainable local alternative to the infamous Dungeness crab. Many restaurants like to use them as a substitute for Dungeness, but here at FreshCatch we like to think of them a little bit more like a Western cousin of the famous Florida Stone Crabs! They have big meaty claws and a rock-hard exteriors to protect their sweet centers. Most of their meat is in their claws and the arm attached to that claw so that is what we will be delivering with shares, the body meat is minimal making it perfect for stocks! There are only a couple boats catching these guys so you won't be finding them at your local grocery store! 

Our partners at Seafood Watch consider these guys a "Good Alternative"

Crabs will come already cooked (morning of delivery) and cleaned! 

Single Orders of crab will include 1 lb of Cooked Rock Crab Claws plus four recipes

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of crab will include 1/2 lb of Cooked Rock Crab Claws plus four recipes

- Just a reminder - 
Single orders are always $22
Half orders are always $13
Home delivery is always $3

Want to learn more about our rock crabs? click here!

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Blue Evolution - Seaweed Pasta


Blue Evolution is a Southern California based company that makes delicious pastas infused with nutritious sustainably farmed seaweeds! Making our favorite nutrient dense sea-vegetables more accessible than ever!

Want a healthy alternative to your go to dinner?  Forget traditional boxed Mac n' Cheese! Give these cheesy shells a try! We even have a GF option! 

Why should we be adding seaweed into our diets? 

The vitamins and minerals in seaweeds are highly bioavailable, meaning our bodies absorb them more readily than pill-based nutritional supplements. That’s great news because seaweeds are vitamin and mineral rich. Some seaweeds can contain up to 10 times more calcium than milk and 8 times as much as beef.

Seaweeds contain lignans (naturally occurring chemical compounds) which have anti-inflammatory properties. The chemical composition of seaweeds is so close to human blood plasma that they are excellent at regulating and purifying our blood.

They are rich in chlorophyll (the pigment that makes some seaweeds green) which is a powerful, natural detoxifier that helps to draw out waste products. Seaweeds can also play a role in boosting weight loss and deterring cellulite build-up. Their naturally high concentration of iodine helps to stimulate the thyroid gland, which is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism.


Seaweed can also improve the health of our oceans by absorbing carbon dioxide and helping to reduce acidification. The seaweed gurus at Blue Evolution believe seaweed farming can reduce the world’s dependence on freshwater for food production, and help shift our food system towards renewables!

So why not give it a try? 

Boxes are $4.99 each
Penne & Rotini contain 12 oz dried pasta in each
Mac N Cheese Shells contian 4.7 oz dried pasta in each

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 What's on the hook for next week?

(available every Wednesday while in season)
Rock Crab

What we are hoping for next week:
(changes each Wednesday based on what our fishermen are catching)

Sea Urchin, Rockfish, Black Cod, Halibut, and seaweed!  Fingers crossed!

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