Wednesday Delivery (3/7):
Rainbow Trout & Red Abalone

Rainbow Trout & Red Abalone 

Beautiful Red Abalone as well as McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout will be delivered to homes this Wednesday! 

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McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout

McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout are raised in Susanville, Ca where they use awesome and innovative techniques to raise beautiful, and extremely sustainable Rainbow Trout that are beloved by many of the top restaurants here in the Bay Area. 

Our Partners at Seafood Watch consider these fish a Best Choice!

Single Orders of Rainbow Trout will include between 1 and 1.25 lbs of skin-on, pin-bone-in, fillets, plus four recipes!

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of Rainbow Trout will around .5 lbs of skin-on, pin-bone-in, fillets, plus four recipes!

Want a whole fish? Just email us! (Whole fish are around 3lbs each) 

Check out our page on McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout here for more! 

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 Red Abalone

All abalone are shucked and tenderized to order so we have to put our order in by Tuesday morning at the latest. We ask that all orders be placed and paid for by Monday at midnight in order to receive your abalone order for this Wednesday. 

About American Abalone Farm:

Since the collapse & closure of the commercial abalone fishery in California during the 1990's (due to over-harvesting) abalone aquaculture has been the only responsible and sustainable way to commercially consume abalone. American Abalone Farms is a family run facility that has been growing California Red Abalone within the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary for over 25 years. Their facility is located on the beach in Davenport, California, and is open to the public on the weekends - we highly recommend you visit! They raise their abalone in an environment that mimics their natural home - seawater pumps continuously supply clean, fresh seawater to abalone tanks directly from the ocean only a few yards away and they are fed a 100% organic diet consisting of a variety of fresh local seaweeds that workers hand harvest themselves. With the help of abalone farms like this one we help reduce the strain we put on our natural populations so they can begin to rebuild and flourish. 

These Abalone are considered a Best Choice by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program and we will be offering them to members already shucked and packaged as whole steaks! 

Check out our page on Abalone here for more! 

Single orders will include 6 ~ 1oz tenderized Abalone steaks and four recipes



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Big Sur Salts

Big Sur Salts is owned and operated by Carlo -  who hand-harvests salt, curates, and blends his salt-mixes in Big Sur, CA.

Our special FreshCatch North Fork blend features exclusive blend just for our customers -  a mixture of Pico Blanco finishing salt, California laurel, za'atar thyme, lemon zest, rosemary flowers, and pineapple sage flowers to complement every dish. 

It is quickly becoming one of our favorite go-to ingredients to liven up any dish in the kitchen! 

Small batch, sustainable, artisanal, and unique - we are so excited to be offering this beautiful salt blend to our members! 

North Fork Blend ($24) -

Each jar contains 3.5 oz (99.2 g) of hand harvested Pico Blanco finishing salt, with dried California laurel, za'atar thyme, lemon zest, rosemary flowers, and pineapple sage flowers.

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 What's on the hook for next week?

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 Rough weather - no Rock Crab

What we are hoping for next week:
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Halibut, Rockfish, Black Cod

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