Dungeness Crab & Marin Miyagi Oysters!

We think everyone deserves to be a little 'shellfish' this Valentine's Day!

Our perfect Valentine's Day looks like a simple meal at home or at our favorite cove along the coast with Dungeness Crab, lots of freshly shucked oysters with our favorite homemade mignonette, hot sauce, and a little lemon from the garden - plus sourdough to soak it all up!

Don't forget champagne!  

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Dungeness Crab

We're expecting a Fresh Catch of Dungeness coming in late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning from one of our small boats out of Half Moon Bay.  Our fishermen hand sort the crab and set aside the largest ones (2-3lbs+) for us! The crabs will then be iced on the dock and whisked off to our commercial kitchen where they will be cooked, cleaned, cracked, and packed that morning to be delivered to homes across the Bay Area! 

All of our orders will be delivered cooked, cleaned and quartered.  The reason for this is because crab is noticeably better tasting when it is cooked fresh out of the ocean water.  Once they are exposed to oxygen for more than 4-8 hours there is a very noticeable difference in the texture.  We are working on getting our own live tank with ocean water delivered daily from our partner abalone farm in Davenport, but until then these will be the freshest cooked crabs on the market!

Our partners at Seafood Watch consider Dungeness Crab caught in California in pots a "Good Alternative", while the stocks are in good health there is concern about the large fishing pressure put on them each year. Additionally there is concern about whale ensnarement in the ropes of the pots - although this is rare. Our fishermen operate on small boats and participate in fishing gear recovery programs and undergo training to help mitigate these risks to other species.  

Single Orders will include 1-1.25 Jumbo (2-3lbs whole) Dungeness Crabs - cooked, cleaned, and quartered.

*if you want a whole crab (cooked - not cleaned) then please make a note in your opt-in email - whole cooked jumbo crabs are $20 each and are available on our website*

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of Dungeness Crab will include around half a crab - cooked cleaned and halved.

Check out our Dungeness page here, to learn more!

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Marin Miyagi Oysters

Marin Miyagi Oysters are grown just a mile away from the open Pacific on the north end of Tomales Bay, California. Cold oceanic waters flood through the farm nourishing the oysters as they mature in "floating bags" (cages). The tumbling action of choppy water polishes the oysters and induces the development of extraordinary deep-cupped shells.  The meat is full and plump, firm (non-spawning tripload seed stock), sweet with complex flavors, melons, fruits, as well as the fresh sea breeze. We get our oysters fresh from the farm - meaning they never sit in a tank, we love them raw or on the grill with some butter and herbs. 

Forget that old rule about only eating oysters in months with an ‘R’, this no longer applies, thanks to developments in food safety!  

Oysters are great to eat year round and they are a highly sustainable and delicious option. Monterey Seafood Watch considers them a "Best Choice" and so do we! 

Oysters are low in cholesterol and high in zinc, which is good for your immune system, and also provide calcium, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and protein.

Oysters will come without shuckers if you need a shucker they are available for purchase separately on our website and can be delivered with your order. 

Single Orders of oyster will include 16 beautiful Marin Miyagi oysters and four recipes

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of oysters will include 8 beautiful Marin Miyagi oysters and four recipes

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- Additions to your order -

We feature additional pantry items and cooking tools that will bring your seafood chef skills to the next level and introduce you to some cool artisanal products that we think you will love! Please keep in mind that these items are priced separately from shares and do not include recipes. 

Salt Point Seaweed

Inspired by the abundance and diversity of local California seaweed species and frustrated by the high carbon footprint of importing seaweed from halfway around the world, Salt Point Seaweed started in Spring 2017. 

Owned and operated by three women with a vision of bringing the wilderness and bounty of the California coast to everyone. Named after a spot on the California coast that exemplifies this pristine and rugged feeling, Salt Point Seaweed company is proud to offer the highest quality seaweed -- from the ocean to your plate. 

Each batch of seaweed is hand harvested on the northern California coast. Salt Point Seaweed is committed to ethical and sustainable harvesting to ensure the vitality and regeneration of these coasts for years to come. Environmentalists and ecologists at heart -- they are constantly adjusting their harvesting techniques to respond to the state of the coastline.

We will have a few different options from the SPS ladies, and even some fresh seaweed as a Catch of the Week soon!

This week we have:

Kombu ($8) - 

An umami powerhouse that adds minerals, nutrients, and a flavor-enhancing savory taste to your cooking and is celebrated for making beans easier to digest -- and cook faster! Simply toss in broths, soups, grains, and beans for a nutritional umami boost!

Net weight 0.75 OZ (21 g)

Servings: 25-30 servings of kombu in each bag

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Wakame ($8) - 

Packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamin A, wakame brings a sweet, mild flavor to your cooking. Great for re-hydrating and adding to soups, salads, and side-dishes. Simply crumble over salad or a bowl of rice for a delicious nutrient boost!

Net weight 0.75 OZ (21 g)

Servings: 10-15 servings of wakame per bag

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Nori + Wakame Flake Mix ($4.95) - 

This delicious and mineral-rich seasoning that can be sprinkled on anything for a savory kick. We love it on popcorn, eggs, toast, rice ... the options go on and on. Local, hand-harvested 50% wakame, 50% nori seaweeds make for an amazing salt-free seasoning. 


Servings: 5-10 servings per jar (11 grams/jar) 

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Barnacle - Alaskan Kelp Salsa & Kelp Pickles

Seaweed salsa?! You will never want to switch back to regular salsa after trying this amazing, handcrafted, small batch salsa from Barnacle.  Our minds were blown after we dipped our first chip!

Barnacle was started by Matt and Lia - they grew up in Southeast Alaska - and for years they have been making salsa and pickles from fresh Alaskan Bull Kelp for their friends and families. 


Kelp Salsa Original ($10.95) - 

Barnacle’s Original Kelp Salsa is like nothing you’ve tried before. Classic flavor with a complex composition that will leave you wanting more. 

The first ingredient is fresh bull kelp harvested from the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska. Crisp, umami-rich kelp gives this salsa a savory flavor and fresh texture that sets it apart from other jarred salsas. The kelp provides a craveable, healthy boost to this low calorie, highly nutritious cupboard staple.

Spice Level: Mild

Ingredients: Alaskan Kelp, tomato, onion, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, tomato paste, honey, spices

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Kelp Salsa Verde ($10.95) - 

Looking up at a wild, rugged mountain. Staring out across the vast Alaska waters. Seeing snow fall through the giant Southeast spruce. Cracking open a fresh jar of Sea Verde Kelp Salsa. These are things that inspire this delicious salsa from Barnacle. 

Sea Verde Kelp Salsa is made up of 40% fresh Alaskan kelp. Crafted in small batches, the kelp is blended with fresh tomatillos, tangy cilantro, and crisp celery to awaken the senses. A cool, tangy salsa that adds incredible flavor to any of your favorite dishes.

Spice Level: Mild

Ingredients: Alaskan kelp, celery, tomatillos, onion, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, honey, spices

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Kelp Salsa Campfire ($10.95) - 

Barnacle’s Campfire Kelp Salsa is as memorable and enjoyable as kicking back next to a warm campfire, surrounded by friends. The flavor delivers a rich and spicy punch, with a touch of sweetness.

The first ingredient is fresh bull kelp harvested from the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska. Savory kelp is blended with fresh beets, and a blend of chilis that will leave your mouth warm and your belly content.

Spice Level: Medium 

Ingredients: Alaskan Kelp, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, beets, tomato paste, cilantro, honey, spices

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Kelp Pickels - Dill  ($10.95) - 

Alaska is home to many wonders: Denali. Mendenhall Glacier. Glacier Bay National Park. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And now, Kelp Dill Pickles. 

Our pickles are crafted from fresh ocean bull kelp and infused with dill, vibrant spices, and a tangy delicious brine. Simple and delectable, these pickles are delicious, unique, and truly unforgettable. 

Ingredients: Alaskan kelp, vinegar, water, sugar, salt, spices

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 Cooked Rock Crab Claws

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 Rockfish, Dungeness

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