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Thanksgiving Dungeness Crab Pre-orders

Having Dungeness as the centerpiece of our feast has been a long standing tradition here in the Bay Area and we wouldn't have it any other way!

As some of you may already know we started this venture two years ago delivering freshly cooked Dungeness crabs to families across the Bay Area on Thanksgiving morning. 

We spent two weeks prior to Thanksgiving talking to every crab boat that would listen to us (they already had long time buyers set up), posting online and plastering all the local Starbucks with posters to get the word out (they quickly removed them). We stressed over packaging and how we were going to cook so much crab in our commercial kitchen with our limited supply of pots, but we woke up at midnight, and picked up crab from a boat that was willing to take a chance on us.  The next thing you know, we were in our kitchen at 2am cooking and cooling crab to get them on the road to homes by 8:00 A.M.  It wasn't long before e-mails started pouring in praising our delicious crab and the memories made cracking into their shells to uncover their succulent meat!

This year we are thankful for all the growth we have made since then - for all the valuable lessons we have learned, the new boats that we've had the opportunity to connect with, for our state of the art seafood facility that we now work out of, and for our members who have supported us and our mission from the very beginning, 

Thank you for all of your support -
and an especially big thank you to everyone who ordered from us last year and have sent us emails in the past two weeks asking about how you can make our crab the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal this year - we are honored to be a part of your family's tradition! 

We look forward to picking up our first boat-load of Dungeness of the season and delivering the freshest Dungeness crab for our friends and family to enjoy with their Thanksgiving feast this Thursday! 

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Jessy & Austin 

FreshCatch Flounders

Thanksgiving Dungeness Pre-order Details

We will be picking up fresh Dungeness crab on Wednesday evening from a couple of our boats to fulfill Thursday morning Thanksgiving orders!

Pickup locations will be in both San Francisco and the East Bay and will be centralized and easy to reach & park at (if you have a business with a parking lot that you would like to offer up please email us - we'll reward you with some crab!). 

Cooked crabs will be cooked morning of Thanksgiving so you can tell your guests you went out and caught and cooked them same day ;). 

Our customers always rave about how great our crab is and that is because we go the extra mile to make sure our crab comes straight from our boats to our customers in less than 24 hrs - we even pay our boats a little extra to give us the best crabs in the bunch so you will never be disappointed. 

This is the first time we will be offering our crabs LIVE to our customers - so jump on this opportunity - it takes a lot of careful planning and we won't be doing it very often! 

Please pre-order your crabs through the website - we hope to have some extra available day-of but we do not expect it.

When: Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving morning) from 8am - 12:00pm 
Where: Pickups in Oakland & San Francisco (exact locations TBD) 
What: Live & Cooked Dungeness crab pickups (NO home deliveries) 
$20/ live Dungeness crab
$25/ cooked Dungeness crab

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Want free crab?!

E-mail us for a special Thanksgiving promo code for you to use to spread the word about our delicious crab!  If your code is used, then you will be rewarded!  We will send you a discount code for your friends to use, and on Wednesday (or once we sell out) we will see how many times your code has been used.  Place your order as you would normally, and then, on Wednesday, we will apply the discount to you in the form of a refund and/or free crab!

The best place for you to get people excited about Dungeness and using your promo code would be through Nextdoor.com or any social media accounts that you can use!  Send us an e-mail if you would like some help with an example post to share!

See the details below:

Code used 0-4 times = 10% off your order!
Code used 5-14 times = 25% off your order!
Code used 15 times = 1 Free Live Crab
Code used 20 times = 1 Free Cooked Crab
Code used 25 times = 2 Free Live Crabs
Code used 30 times = 2 Free Cooked Crabs
Code used more than 50 times = 5 Free Live or Cooked Crabs

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Become a pick up location host - enjoy reserved shares even if we sell out, discounted orders, invites and discounted tickets to special events, special catering/private event pricing, and the best part - help promote sustainable, local, and fresh seafood in your community!

Sustainable seafood is something to be celebrated every day of the week but for now we will celebrate Wednesday's as our primary delivery day.  Our goal is to eventually have our own brick and mortar store where all our customers can come celebrate sustainability with us - more to come on that soon, stay tuned!