Wednesday Delivery (1/24):
McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout and/or Rock Crab

McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout and Rock Crab


Weather is keeping many of our boats in the harbor this week so we'll be offering one of our favorite sustainable farmed options - McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout from Susanville, Ca. 

Be sure to read about them on our website before you say 'no' to farmed fish! 

 In addition we have fresh cooked Rock Crab Claws from Santa Cruz for our "Seasonal Selection!"

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McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout

McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout are raised in Susanville, Ca where they use awesome and innovative techniques to raise beautiful, and extremely sustainable Rainbow Trout that are beloved by many of the top restaurants here in the Bay Area. 

Our Partners at Seafood Watch consider these fish a Best Choice!

Single Orders of Rainbow Trout will include between 1 and 1.25 lbs of skin-on, pin-bone-in, fillets, plus four recipes!

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of Rainbow Trout will around .5 lbs of skin-on, pin-bone-in, fillets, plus four recipes!

Want a whole fish? Just email us! (Whole fish are around 3lbs each) 

Check out our page on McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout here for more! 


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New Seasonal Selections! 

Now that we have built a stronger relationship with our fishermen and women we are happy to announce that we will be offering a seasonal selection of seafood which will be offered consistently each Wednesday in addition to our rotating catch. 

This month our rock crab boat in Santa Cruz going out twice a week. This allows us to always pick up our catch on a Monday or Tuesday to be delivered Wednesday, guaranteeing a fresh selection every week for our members!

Cooked Rock Crab Claws with Arms

Fresh Rock Crabs from Santa Cruz are a Seasonal Selection available to members each week! Captain Jason goes out twice a week to catch them and hand picks out the best and biggest of the bunch for us to cook up for our members early Wednesday morning. Rock crabs are a delicious and sustainable local alternative to the infamous Dungeness crab. Many restaurants like to use them as a substitute for Dungeness, but here at FreshCatch we like to think of them a little bit more like a Western cousin of the famous Florida Stone Crabs! They have big meaty claws and a rock-hard exteriors to protect their sweet centers. Most of their meat is in their claws and the arm attached to that claw so that is what we will be delivering with shares, the body meat is minimal making it perfect for stocks! There are only a couple boats catching these guys so you won't be finding them at your local grocery store! 

Our partners at Seafood Watch consider these rock crabs a Good Alternative!

Check out our page on Rock Crab here for more! 

Crabs will come already cooked (morning of delivery) and cleaned! 

Single Orders of crab will include 1 lb of Cooked Rock Crab Claws

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of crab will include 1/2 lb of Cooked Rock Crab Claws  

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 What's on the hook for next week?

(available every Wednesday while in season)
 Cooked Rock Crab Claws

What we are hoping for next week:
(changes each Wednesday based on what our fishermen are catching)


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