Fishing has been a little slow this week due to the holiday weekend - most of our fishermen spent the extra day off relaxing and enjoying time with their families. We hope you were able to do the same! Thankfully we got one small boatload of fresh local hook & line halibut that is coming in right now so we will be delivering them to homes tomorrow! 

Since we only have a limited number of small Halibut - all between 5-7lbs - we will be doing a whole fish sale! These fish are too small for fillets but they are perfect to roast whole! We are excited to offer these beauties - you can't find Halibut like this at the grocery store! Enjoy the whole fish  & don't waste a thing! 

Halibut will come cleaned, gutted, and ready to roast! 

Not sure how to cook it? 

We'll also include 4 recipes with your order! 

Take a que from one of our favorite spots in the city - Liho Liho Yatch Club - and roast the halibut whole until the skin is crispy and the center moist and succulent. Serve atop a creamy sauce like a dijon butter and pile on fresh herbs and peak of the season garden veggies for a easy and delicious meal! 

How does a whole fish sale work?

You can give us a preference on a size that you like and we will do our best to match it. We will weigh each fish when we receive them and assign them to each person that opts in - you will then be billed for your fish based on the weight. 

Whole Halibut - $13/lb

We can only do home delivery for whole fish - if you won't be home there must be a LARGE cooler out with ice that can accommodate the fish until you return home. 

If you are interested in a WHOLE halibut for home delivery tomorrow, please email us.  We are still waiting for our boat to come in and weigh all of the fish, once we do this we will send you an invoice for your order. Look for the invoice around 5:00 P.M today.

Halibut are ranging between 5 - 8 lbs at $13/lb - meaning the fish will be around $65 - $105