Get your shuckers out! 
We've got fresh local Marin Miyagi oysters to get you through the week!

These oysters are grown just a mile away from the open Pacific on the north end of Tomales Bay, California. Cold oceanic waters flood through the farm nourishing the oysters as they mature in "floating bags" (cages). The tumbling action of choppy water polishes the oysters and induces the development of extraordinary deep-cupped shells.  The meats are full and plump, firm (non-spawning tripload seed stock), sweet with complex flavors, melons, fruits, as well as the fresh sea breeze. We get our oysters fresh from the farm - meaning they never sit in a tank, we love them raw or on the grill with some butter and herbs. 

Forget that old rule about only eating oysters in months with an ‘R’, this no longer applies, thanks to developments in food safety!  

Oysters are great to eat year round and they are a highly sustainable and delicious option. Monterey Seafood Watch considers them a "Best Choice" and so do we! 

Oysters are low in cholesterol and high in zinc, which is good for your immune system, and also provide calcium, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and protein.

Oysters will come without shuckers if you need a shucker they are available for purchase seperately in our market (or click here) and can be delivered with your order. 

Single Orders of oyster will include 16 beautiful Marin Miyagi oysters and four recipes

Regular orders too much seafood for you?  Try a half share!

Half Orders of oysters will include 8 beautiful Marin Miyagi oysters and four recipes