Not a lot of fish biting this week with our boats so instead we are offering some beautiful and sustainable California Red Abalone from our friends at American Abalone farms in Davenport! Abalone have a rich and long culinary history here in the Bay Area and are considered a delicacy around the world because of their rich and delicate flavor. We love ours pan fried, sashimi style, as a topping to jook (a delicious rice porridge), or to fancy up some fried rice! 

Local Abalone will be delivered this Wednesday (8/23)
Each order comes with four recipes!

Single Size Shares will come with 6 - 1oz steaks already shucked, tenderized, and ready to cook!

Sorry, NO Half Shares this week! 

We always post to our real time story, so you can keep up with us on Instagram @freshcatch and watch your seafood's short journey from the dock to your door.

About American Abalone Farms:
Since the collapse & closure of the commercial abalone fishery in California during the 1990’s (due to over harvesting), abalone aquaculture has been the only responsible and sustainable way to commercially consume abalone. American Abalone Farms is a family run facility that has been growing California Red Abalone within the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary for over 25 years. Their facility is located on the beach in Davenport, California, and is open to the public on Saturday's - we highly recommend you visit! They raise their abalone in an environment that mimics their natural home - seawater pumps continuously supply clean, fresh seawater to abalone tanks directly from the ocean only a few yards away and they are fed a 100% organic diet consisting of a variety of fresh local seaweeds that the workers hand harvest themselves. With the help of abalone farms like this one we reduce the strain we put on our natural populations so they can begin to rebuild and flourish. These abalone are considered a Best Choice by the Monterey Seafood Watch Program and we will be offering them to members already shucked and packaged as whole steaks! 

See you on Wednesday!