Unfortunately even though the sun has been shining all week, the winds have been relentless. Most of our fishermen fish out of sub- 30ft boats - which means that their boats are too small to be out facing the choppy seas in search of our beloved local King Salmon! 

As a result this Wednesday we will be offering beautiful McFarland Springs Rainbow Trout! Not only is this Rainbow Trout absolutely delicious - it doesn't hurt our environment or our native species, and it has higher omega-3's than wild salmon! 

 Single size shares will include around 1.25lbs of filleted Rainbow Trout, and Family shares will include around 2.5lbs! 

McFarland Springs Trout are raised in Susanville, Ca and they use awesome and innovative technique to raise beautiful, and extremely sustainable Rainbow Trout that are beloved by many of the top restaurants here in the Bay Area. 

Check out this great video to see for yourself!