White Seabass

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White Seabass

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The rarest catch that we offer - beautiful white seabass!

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These will be coming in from the F/V Silver Fin based out of Santa Cruz. F/V Silver Fin sound familiar?  That’s because all of our Rock Crab also comes from Captain Jason on the Silver Fin.

These beautiful fish are caught one at a time using tradition hook and line methods.

Common Name: White Seabass
 Sciaenidae (Croakers)

Species Name: Atractoscion nobilis
Catch Method: Hook and Line
Our Partner Boat(s) Catch Location(s): Monterey to San Francisco
Species Catch Range:  Baja California to Juneau, Alaska
Seafood Watch Rating: "Good Alternative" - see the details for the reasoning behind this

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Full Share - 1 lbs skin-on, boneless fillet
Half Share - .5 lbs skin-on, boneless fillet

The Details: 
Local White Seabass is a delicious treat with a texture somewhere between swordfish and halibut - white, flakey, but meaty and moist, perfect for pretty much any cooking style.  It's easy to get confused with Seabass, because it's actually a part of the croaker family - closely related to California Corbina; however, Seabass is the only member of the family to grow over 20 lbs. This is one of our favorite fish, and probably the rarest local fish that we offer.  It spends very little time in the Bay Area where it likes to hang out 120 meters deep swimming in and out of kelp forests feeding on squid, anchovies, and occasionally other small species like mackerel.  Seabass is high up on the food chain; however, its diet consists of smaller fish, so mercury levels are not a concern despite its large size - which can reach upwards of 80 lbs locally!

Why is it a "Good Alternative" from SeafoodWatch?  Most of the White Seabass that you see at the fish counter in local markets is caught in Mexico where the fish are more abundant, but the regulations and oversight of the fishery is seriously lacking.  Unfortunately for us and our fishermen, the entire fishery was assessed by Seafood Watch, and the fishery in Mexico had a huge impact on the sustainability score.  Our local fishery is highly regulated and a minimum length of 28 inches is required for the fish to be commercially sold.  In our opinion, Local Seabass caught by our partner boats is a Best Choice!

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