Private Hub Points

In addition to the hub points below we offer private hub points where our members can offer their home or business to a select group of people, instead of having it available to other seafood-lovers that just so happen to live nearby! Email us if you would like more information... think, yoga or spin classes, busy neighborhoods, or the office!


Montclair (off Mountain Blvd, near Thornhill Dr)
Piedmont (Monticello Ave, Near Dracena Park)
Upper Piedmont (Near Crocker Park and Lincoln Ave)


Moraga (Hardie Dr, Near Miramonte)

San Francisco

Golden Gate Ave and Van Ness Ave


Oakland (La Salle Ave, Near Montclair)

More info?

(415) 305-1830

All other questions, please use the form on the right

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to become a hub!