How does Ordering work?

We have spent countless hours improving our system trying to avoid the struggle and inconvenience of having to input your information each week. You can now order on our website through your saved account and keep your payment information saved on file. Check on your order history and make things easier by setting up an account!

Please sign up for our e-mail list! This is where we send our Fishing Updates each week with details on what we will be delivering and instructions for being included in delivery.  Sign up for our email list below:



We send out a “Fishing Update” every Saturday or Sunday letting people know what we are expecting from our partner boats. Our online fish market goes live every Monday at 12:00 P.M PST, any final last minute additions are added on Tuesday at 12:00 P.M PST.

Fish is announced: Saturdays or Sundays

Fish is available in the online market: Monday at 12:00 and last minute additions are added on Tuesday at 12:00 PM PST.




See “Order Now” or our “Fishing Update” for details about each specific catch, but generally our pricing is three levels:

Half Share: $13 - At least 2 servings* of seafood (specific weight varies by species)

  • For example: .7 lbs of Petrale Sole or 1.5 lbs of Market Squid, or .5 lbs of Halibut

Full Share: $22 - At least 4 servings* of seafood (specific weight varies by species)

  • For example: 1.25 lbs of Petrale Sole or 3 lbs of Market Squid, or 1 lbs of Halibut

Premium Share: $28+ - A unique offering of a premium species.

  • For example: Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna, or when pricing changes due to slow fishing for our higher cost seafood like Halibut or King Salmon

Why do we use the term “share?”

It’s pretty simple; when you are buying seafood from us, you are buying a share (or portion) of our partner boat’s haul from that trip. One share may not seem like a lot, but when you inspire your community to order, then a difference is made!

*Doctors recommend that people eat at least two 4 ounce servings of seafood per week in order to achieve a healthy balanced diet. EPA and DHA are two essential fatty acids that are only found in seafood and they are vital to heart health and brain development - especially for pregnant and nursing mothers.



gift cards are here!

FreshCatch is one of the most meaningful (and delicious) gifts that you can get for a loved one.  Eating fresh fish twice a week is proven to reduce the risk of stroke, depression, Alzheimer's disease, and other chronic conditions.  Did we mention that it's delicious?!  Gift cards are priced the same as return member pricing with home deliveries being $25 per order including delivery.



Your information is secure with us!

We use an extremely secure and highly regarded processor to process all of our orders.  We never write down or keep a database of your payment information - it is securely stored through multiple layers of encrypted servers.  We have the ability to charge your card after you order, but only the last four digits of your card are visible to us, so you can rest assured knowing your information is safe.