How does Ordering work?

We have spent countless hours improving our system trying to avoid the struggle and inconvenience of having to input your information each week.  You now have the option of having your information securely stored to be charged after each order is made.  No more hassle of filling out forms or searching for your wallet!  Just "Opt-In" and you will be charged upon delivery!  You can also create an account through our website and place your orders through the "Order Now" button at the top of the page.

Please sign up for our e-mail list! This is where we send our Seafood Updates each week with details on what we will be delivering and instructions for being included in delivery.  Sign up for our email list below:


New Members
1. Make your first order through clicking "Order Now" on our website (at the top of the page).  

Hub point pickup is always free (click here to learn more) and home delivery is just $3.
Keep in mind that we are a "Non-Subscription Service" meaning that deliveries can be used WHENEVER you want. You never have to pause your deliveries or let us know that you don't want something delivered - just "Opt-In" through our weekly email or Seafood Update page if you would like an order delivered.  "Opt-Out"s are never needed.
2.  Enjoy your first order! 

3.  You will now be added to our weekly update email that details our fresh catch of the week.  From there you can "Opt-In" if it's something you would like delivered.  If you would rather not have the delivery, then simply ignore the email. 

4.  The next time you "opt-in" you will be sent an invoice that allows you to save your card on file or you can continue to order through our website.

5. "Opt-In" and order as usual - you will be charged per order and never have to enter your card information again!

The details for new members

You will only be charged if you "Opt-In" for a delivery through our weekly update email - there is no fee or action needed to "Opt-Out."

 If you prefer to order each time through our website that is not a problem at all - nothing will change with that process, but keep in mind that you save money when you have your card on file or simply "Opt-In" to the update email!



We have lowered the price on both our half and full shares!

Half orders are offered at $13 as opposed to $15!  Full shares are $22 per order as opposed to $25!



gift cards are here!

FreshCatch is one of the most meaningful (and delicious) gifts that you can get for a loved one.  Eating fresh fish twice a week is proven to reduce the risk of stroke, depression, Alzheimer's disease, and other chronic conditions.  Did we mention that it's delicious?!  Gift cards are priced the same as return member pricing with home deliveries being $25 per order including delivery.



Your information is secure with us!

We use an extremely secure and highly regarded processor to process all of our orders.  We never write down or keep a database of your payment information - it is securely stored through multiple layers of encrypted servers.  We have the ability to charge your card after you order, but only the last four digits of your card are visible to us, so you can rest assured knowing your information is safe.