Dungeness Crab Gift Box


Dungeness Crab Gift Box

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The perfect gift for someone that loves Dungeness.

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We are excited to announce our holiday gift boxes are back and they are better than ever!

Our Dungeness Crab Gift box comes with some amazing goodies!  You have to catch it yourself to get it any fresher!

Whats included?

$59 - 3 Whole Jumbo Cooked Crabs

$69 - 3 Cooked Jumbo Crabs w/ 1x Cracker & 3x Bibs

$69 - 3 Cooked Jumbo Crabs, Cracked & Cleaned

$79 - 3 Cooked Jumbo Crabs, Cracked & Cleaned w/ 1x Cracker & 3x Bibs

We pick our crabs up live from the docks from one of our small boats- usually in Half Moon Bay or San Francisco. We then cook and deliver them all in the same day to ensure you are getting the freshest crabs with each delivery!  

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