What if i don't want seafood every week?

Not to fear!  One of the best parts about our service is that you will never receive something that you don't want.  You don't have to be included in deliveries each week - if its something you would rather skip, simply ignore our email.  If its something you want delivered to your door, press the "Opt-In" button on the update email we send out each week.


We will only deliver to you if you "Opt-In" to deliveries.

What is a CSF?

‘CSF’ stands for “Community Supported Fishery” which is a collective of fishermen supported directly by their end consumers. In this way we close the large divide between producers and consumers, providing a fresher, more engaging and more delicious product.

How does ordering a Delivery work?

Becoming a member of our CSF means you will receive a variety of fresh, sustainable seafood directly from fishermen along the West Coast. When you purchase a ‘share’ from us you will be included in our weekly update email.  Each week a couple days before your delivery arrives we will send you an update informing you what we are bringing in fresh that week to be delivered to your home. If you dislike something or are allergic to it – that’s ok! Just go ahead and ignore that email and we will send you another update next week!  Your credit never expires and you will never have a surprise delivery!

How do i cancel my order?

Hopefully this will never have to happen!  If a situation does come up where you will no longer be able to accept deliveries we would be happy work with you to figure out a solution.  We will be able to refund orders that have not been used, or if there is an issue with your delivery, please contact us within 24 hours and we will work out a solution! 

How much is in a Delivery?

Each delivery week is different - some species are very expensive for us and others are priced better - our quantities will change but the price per share will always stay the same.  For example, King Salmon is very expensive, so we usually offer around 1lb of fillet per share (some people like to order 2 shares those weeks!), alternatively we get a great deal on Local Squid (Calamari anyone?!) so we usually offer 3-4lbs per share.  We always send out a weekly update email letting you know how much you will be receiving - if it's too much you can always order a half share!  

What are ‘hub points’?  Can I make my house a hub point and what are the benefits?

Hub points are centrally located points – either at a business or private residence where members can pick up their shares.  If you are interested in becoming a hub point host please contact us by calling or emailing us at help@tryfreshcatch.com for more information. Hub point hosts get special discounts and bonuses!  We also offer private hub points if you would rather have you home open to a select group of friends or neighbors.  Private hub points are also great for group activities like yoga classes or workout groups!

What if I am allergic to something? How do I opt out of certain things?

Not a problem!  Opting out of a delivery is very easy - just simply ignore the email and we will not deliver to you that week! Contact us by calling or by emailing us at orders@tryfreshcatch.com if you have any other concerns or questions.

What if I miss my pickup?

Please try to not forget your pick up! If you know you will not be able to pick up an order on a certain day please give us at least 24 hours notice of the change and we will do our best to accommodate it. Leftover shares will be gifted to our hub point hosts if they have not been picked up by 9:00 P.M. Please call us immediately if there is an issue with picking up your order. (415) 305-1830

Can I pay after i pick up my order? Why not?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver any orders that have not been paid for.  If you have an issue with our website or trouble paying an invoice, then please give us a call as soon as possible (415) 305-1830.  There is always an option to save your card on file at the bottom of the invoices to avoid ever missing an order in the future.  Our goal is to create a better market for our fishermen and women, but in order to do that we need to pay them each week the day before deliveries when we pick up our fish.  Each order counts, and it makes our life a lot easier to have all the orders that have been placed to be paid for.  Most of the money from each order goes back to our fishermen and women, some of it goes into our licensing and permits, and the rest goes into paying for deliveries and making improvements on our website.  This isn't something we are trying to make a quick buck off of, but it is a great solution for our fishermen when it is running smoothly.  We appreciate your understanding.

What if I go to my hub point and my share is not there?

Hopefully this will never happen, however if a mistake is made and someone accidently snagged your order or it ended up somewhere else please give us a call immediately and we will sort it out for you!

How does pricing work?

Your first order is $25, after that, each order is $22/delivery. Deliveries to hub points are free, however if you want an order delivered directly to your door there is a $3 delivery charge per delivery.  Half orders are great if there's too much seafood included in a regular share.  Alternatively, you could always order two shares to double up on that weeks' option!

Do you offer reoccuring payments?

We offer Hassle Free Ordering which gives you the ability to let us charge a card securely stored with our processor after each order instead of requiring you to re-order through our website.  Click here for more information about Hassle Free Ordering!

How fresh is your fish, who is it caught by, and why did you start FreshCatch?

Our Seafood is caught one at a time with a hook and rod - the old fashioned way.  As soon as the fish is on the hook it is realed in and pressure bled aboard the boat and brought to a safe temperature in an iced holding tank while it is rushed to the docks for us to transport to our kitchen to ensure the highest quality possible.  Each fish is handled with extreme care and the utmost respect for the short time it is out of the water on the way to your door, most of the time by no more than 3 people.

Our fishermen come from all different backgrounds, some from fishing families, some from landlocked states trying to make it on the Pacific, some are retired professionals with backgrounds in Marine Biology, but they all share a common vision: sustainability and traceablity.  They are very proud of their catch, and that shows all the way to the dinner plate.  We include information about each of our fishermen with every order!

Our story began due to our frustration with the murky seafood industry and the fact that most people are not connected with their fishermen.  We are chefs, we are home cooks, and we are fishermen and women, but together we are a strong group of young entreprenuers aiming to change the way we interact with our seas.  We work directly with fishemen and women to give them a better price on their catch, while at the same time giving our members the very same seafood at a better price than the grocery store - and it is much more fresh, thats a promise!