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About us

Become inspired by the sea as we reconnect you to the source of its bounty.

Each week, once a week, we unload our catch from that day and have it filleted and packaged for delivery directly to our members (You!) or to a pick up location centrally located within our member’s neighborhood. Seafood with a story enlightens, enriches, and is verifiably fresh. This is only possible with the support of our members, we offer our daily catch, as well as a subscription option that saves money and adds excitement to dinner! By doing this we are able to give you the highest quality, fresh seafood, at a comparable cost to big name grocers.

Our Community Supported Fishery or CSF is a collective of sustainable fishing vessels along the West Coast with a shared vision - that sustainability can be profitable! For years we have been forced to choose between fishing for profit or fishing for our future. FreshCatch is our answer to fishing for the future…

Check out the market and give us a try. Join us in our commitment for sustainability!


Now Delivering to San Francisco, Oakland, Piedmont, Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette! 

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Don't buy old fish or gimmicks - at FreshCatch we are transparent like our supply chain - our fishermen inform us when they have something fresh and outstanding, they name their price and we ensure the transaction goes smoothly so everything makes it to you right when you need it. Seafood without a story is boring (and sometimes scary!); we take work out of sourcing sustainably by offering a curated selection of the best the ocean has to offer.


FreshCatch is made possible by responsible, eco-conscious fishing vessels that, like us, see need for a better pricing system that rewards sustainability and promotes more accountability in the seafood industry. Sustainability needs to be profitable for both the environment and for the fishing industry. We offer a model that is competitive by matching your catch with the consumers who demand it. You work hard to maintain sustainable fishing practices. We work hard to ensure you are rewarded for that.